Threat AwarenessTraditional martial arts programs commonly teach the mechanics of a fight, instructing students how to throw a punch or how to apply a choke effectively. But they tend to be poor at teaching the dynamics of a fight, and generally do not teach students why fights occur, how the brain and body respond to a fight, or what motivates an attacker. There are many people whose martial-arts techniques are perfect and unbeatable in the dojo, but who fall apart and become completely helpless in a real fight. This is because their training didn't take them far enough or deep enough and prepare them for a world outside of soft mats and referees.

Suddent Attack In our self-defense class, we teach pure, practical self-protection. You do not have to have any prior martial arts training to use it. Anyone can learn it. The skills you acquire will enable you to peacefully recognize, defuse, and resolve most everyday conflicts before they can evolve into a physical fight. You will not only learn how to protect yourself physically, but how to protect yourself from the far more common, and often more damaging, emotional and psychological attacks you face every day.

Lecture To learn more visit one of our classes. You can participate on your first visit, or you can sit on the sidelines and watch. Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 8:00am to 10:00am. For our location, please contact Rob Gebhart at (360) 269-3351.

TeamA quality self-defense program requires state of the art equipment. The pictures on this page show the students and the instructor wearing High GearTM. These are the most advanced role-playing simulation suits available. They allow a student to experience the true energy of a fight without getting hurt.

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